Vip Pub Crawl

Pub crawling, which is termed in very different terms like bar hopping, bar crawl or sometimes as bar travel, is in reality was conceived as a social get-together which is meant especially for foreign people, who happen to live in unfamiliar areas; by this way, they can very effectively get rid of their monotonous rhythm of life and can get favorably familiarized, with the very many bars and clubs which are situated in the place where they dwell. The word ‘crawling’ is put just after the word ‘pub’ for giving a little more emphasis to the entire process; no crawling is taking place anywhere! The procedures of this practice are really not at all structured in a systematic way, in most of the cases. Originally, it was like a group of people who start their drinking process from one bar and then all of a sudden shifts to another and then again to another, until the nearby bars and clubs are all visited. This might have started just as a past time among a group of friends and then slowly might have captured the imagination of the participants and they might have carried on with the process later on. However in most of the popular VIP Pub crawling, the whole practice is well organized at the present time and the original ‘past time like event’ has shaped itself into a form of a well thought-out and controlled festival like action.

Pub crawling, even though started as early as in the 19th century, has gained high social momentum during these modern days. Of late in many parts of the world, mostly in European countries ‘pub crawling’ has developed itself into a social gathering occasion. This, in fact, attracts plenty of participants and the VIP pub crawl of Maryborough – Queensland – Australia, which is usually conducted with all seriousness and significance, is generally considered as the greatest vip pub crawl in the entire world. The show conducted on June 14th 2009 had attracted a grand number of participants – a total number of 4718 participants participated in that event! Another notable matter of this particular VIP pub crawl, which was actually started in the year of 2005, is that the city has broken its record in each of the subsequent years and now holds the notable distinction as the greatest pub in the entire globe! However this record was overthrown by the World Record Pub Crawl 2010; at this function even though the organizers expected a participation much more than the Queensland VIP Pub Crawl and calculated a rough number of around 5000 people, the actual participation was very much more than that! The event which was routed through 5 different ways and which was conducted on Saturday October 09, 2010 between 10am to 7.30pm was attended by more than 6000 people! Indeed a VIP Pub Crawl!

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